||कृषिर्धन्या कृषिर्मेधा जन्तुनां जीवनं कृषि:||

Partner with Us


Distributor Opportunity

Distributors/Exporters/Agents/ Retailers/direct sales persons  all over India can contact us to get distribution agency or for bulk buy of our Premium quality products. NO security deposit or investment.


Affiliate Marketing opportunity

Opportunities for House Makers, Budding entrepreneurs, Influencers, Gym trainers, Food Bloggers, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Perusing students (abv 18 age), and even working professionals can become our affiliate marketers to earn some extra income for you and your family.

Get rewarded as per your performance with huge commission and incentives.

NO security deposit or investment.

Contact us for more information on whats app or fill this form for the same.


Research Interns

Students can join us in R & D department ongoing projects in which FST students can get good experience to explore industrial opportunities further.


1. Please note that all the projects are paid type. Students will have to pay certain cost for working on projects
2. These projects are confidential projects of the company and comes under NDA- Non-disclosure Agreements.
3. Students will get certificates from Regulus Agro-Organic Pvt. Ltd.


Collaboration Opportunity

Influencers/Bloggers/Logistic Partners/Corporates/ Third party manufacturers  are welcomed for collaborations for mutual benefits.


Project collaboration Opportunity

Collaboration with R&D Labs, Research Projects, Consultancy, etc.


Job Openings

Employment opportunities With Regulus. We will keep updating here about vacancies available.