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Terms and Conditions

Personal Information

Regulus Agro-Organic Pvt. Ltd., is established and operated by Food Science, Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences Technocrats, having innovative products such as healthy roasted snacks, Oil-Free & Maida-free snacks, Protein hierophants, Immuno-boosters, Iron boosters, fiber-laden products, Opulent in Calcium, Gluten-free products,  Dehydrated veggies & powders, Curated exotic veggies & Natural, Chemical-Free food items. Regulus has taken up several R&D projects and working relentlessly to introduce certain products like Ready-to-Cook, Ready-to-Eat, Nutraceuticals, Protein Boosters, Immune boosters, Gluten-free Range, Fasting friendly food items, Medicinal plants finished products, and fitness products.

The domain name https://www.regulushub.com/ is owned by Regulus Agro-Organic Pvt. Ltd..
It is recommended that one thoroughly reads the terms and conditions carefully, as after accessing this site, one agrees to be bound by them and realize that it constitutes an agreement with the company. If in any case, one disagrees with the terms and conditions, one should not use the marketplace or site for any purpose.
This document is published with respect to the provisions of Rule 3 of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules 2011. The User Agreement may be updated without prior notice by the company. Hence, it is suggested that one goes through user agreement every time one accesses or uses the marketplace or site.
The term ‘one’, ‘visitor(s)’, ‘user(s)’, ‘you’, refers to the person visiting, accessing, using the site or marketplace at any point in time.
In case of any query or doubt regarding terms and conditions please feel free to contact us at info@regulushub.com.

Services Overview

As a part of the registration process on the website, RegulusHub may ask one to furnish information of personal nature like the first name, last name, address, email- id, contact number, demographic profile, other related browsing information, etc.


People who are incompetent to contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 are not eligible to use our site. A minor under the age of 18years but at least of 13years can use the site under the guidance of parents or legal guardians, only if they are registered users and also they too must agree to the terms and conditions set by the site. Minors are prohibited from purchasing any material which is for adult consumption and the sale of which is not allowed to minors. Services on the site are for selected geographies of India. The restrictions related to business hours and days of the third-party sellers may apply to the services.
Delivery charges may be applied in some special cases and also when the criteria for minimum order size are not met. One will be duly informed of delivery charges at the time of checking out.

License and Access

The company grants the user a limited sub-license to use the site or marketplace. The sub-license does not permit the user to:

  1. Download (other than cached pages) or modify any page or any portion of it, without the prior written consent of the company.
  2. Resale or make commercial use of the site or its content.
  3. Copy the information and use robots or any other tool for data mining or extraction or gathering of data.
  4. Duplicate, copy, sell, resell for other commercial uses without prior concern of the company.
  5. Tamper or use any framing techniques to enclose trademarks, logo,s or other proprietary information without the prior written consent of the company.
  6. Any meta tags or Hidden texts using the site’s name and trademark without the prior written consent of the company.
  7. Anything that harms minors in any way.
  8. Use any information which belongs to any other person.
  9. Mislead or impersonate another person.
  10. Threaten the unity, integrity, or sovereignty of the nation.

Any unauthorized use will terminate the permission granted by the site.

Account and Registration Obligations

One must register oneself and log in for making any purchases of any sort from the marketplace. The registration or account details must be the latest and authentic when indulging in any sort of communication with the company. The user is also updated regarding any promotional campaigns or related schemes through notifications. However, the user may opt-out of this service at his discretion.
The data collected during the process of registration is subjected to the Privacy Policy of the company, mentioned on the site.


All products are priced fairly by the company. The products will be sold at MRP unless otherwise specified by the company. The prices mentioned at the time of placing the order will be the final price. In case, the market price of the product fluctuates neither additional charges would be taken nor will they be refunded at the time of delivering the product.

Cancellation by the Company – In case of any suspicious transactions or any such transaction which violates the terms and conditions of the site, the company can cancel the transaction at its sole discretion. We keep an account of fraudulent activities of various accounts, if any, and possess all rights to cancel or not accept orders from any such account.

I Agree

Once you agree to place an order, you also agree to the terms and conditions mentioned on the site. In the event of non-delivery of the product on account of any mistake at your end, then any extra cost applicable on delivering the product to your doorstep will be claimed from you. It is recommended that you check your details twice before placing the order.


We make every possible effort to represent products and their packaging in their true colors. However, variation may occur sometimes due to the poor quality of the computer or mobile screen of the user. Hence, we do not guarantee any discrepancy of such kind.

Reviews, Feedbacks, Submissions

All the reviews, feedback, suggestions, ideas, mail, postcards, and any other submissions (collectively comments) offered to the site by anyone or offered by the site shall remain the property of the company. The company shall not be restricted by any way to make commercial or any other use of any comments without compensating you in any way.
The company is also not responsible in any way
(a) to maintain the confidentiality of the comments
(b) to address any comment
The company is not bound to review any comment but it does reserve the right to monitor, edit or cancel any comment.
The user bears all the liability of any comment posted by him/her. Also, the user is not allowed to post any content that is unlawful or has any software viruses.

Copyright and Trademark

Healthy Master, its suppliers, and licensors reserve intellectual property rights in all texts, programs, products, processes, technology, and other content which is seen on the site. Any use of this site or its contents including copying or storing it fully or partially other than personal use or non-commercial use is strictly prohibited.
The names, logos, designs, and slogans are the trademarks or service marks of the company, its partners, or suppliers. No one is authorized to use them in any manner.
The compilation of all the content on this site is the exclusive property of the company and is duly protected by Indian and international copyright laws.

Objectionable Material

The company has no liability and is not responsible for any content that appears offensive, indecent, or objectionable to you.


The User Agreement is in effect until and unless terminated either by the user or by the company. Users may terminate the agreement at any time and discontinue the site. The termination however doesn’t give the user the right to not pay for the order already placed. The user shall destroy all the materials related to the site whether downloaded under the agreement.
The company too without being responsible terminates the User Agreement without any prior notice. Access to the site may be denied after termination. The company’s right to any comment will remain irrespective of termination.