||कृषिर्धन्या कृषिर्मेधा जन्तुनां जीवनं कृषि:||

“Agriculture provides Wealth & Wisdom & agriculture is the only basis of human life”

|| कृषि सम्पति और मेधा प्रदान करती है और कृषिही मानवजीवन का आधार है ||

About Us

Regulus Agro-Organic Pvt. Ltd., is established and operated by Food Science, Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences Technocrats, having innovative products such as healthy roasted snacks, Oil-Free & Maida-free snacks, Protein hierophants, Immuno-boosters, Iron boosters, fiber-laden products, Opulent in Calcium, Gluten-free products,  Dehydrated veggies & powders, Curated exotic veggies & Natural, Chemical-Free food items. Regulus has taken up several R&D projects and working relentlessly to introduce certain products like Ready-to-Cook, Ready-to-Eat, Nutraceuticals, Protein Boosters, Immune boosters, Gluten-free Range, Fastingfriendly food items, Medicinal plants finished products, and fitness products.

Regulus is also involved in setting up projects such as Mushroom farming as well as other Food Processing projects like Dal Mill, Vegetable Dehydration, Medicinal plants cultivation and processing, spices processing, etc. This is mainly to offer women and farmers advanced technical guidance and opportunities in various allied agricultural and food processing segments. For this, we work on a contract manufacturing-based model. We also offer buyback schemes to ensure maximum guaranteed benefits to the food processors and laborers.



To serve our patrons with excellent quality products and services with innovative solutions to support the Healthy Lifestyle.



To extend our services beyond Indian operations. To expand our research activities in the health and food segment to offer novel products.


We at REGULUS Agro-Organic Pvt. Ltd. mainly focus on empowering women financially as most of these allied agricultural and food processing projects can be easily handled by women.This way women in a traditional agricultural setup can overcome disguised unemployment.

Quality Policy

We persistently analyse our performance by constantly interacting with clients and work tirelessly to improve our services for the welfare of our society.

Meet the Team

Our core team is comprised of highly experienced, technically sound professionals, essentially having a client-focused approach.

Dr. Rekha

Founder and Chairperson
Ph.D. Biotechnology & Marketing Professional

Dr. Rekha is a Progressive Leader with 17+ years of dynamic experience in various domains such as Academic Professorship & Research Guide in Biotechnology | Food tech R&D | Product development and Management | Marketing and Strategic Planning | Client Servicing and interaction | Conducting product training | Sales staff training | Workshops & Seminars | Creative writing and Content Writing | Life Sciences Project Management | Corporate Partnership | Institutional collaboration | Cross division coordination, etc.

During her Ph.D. in Biotechnology and Research career, she has worked on numerous medicinal plants and their effects on several experimental animals and cell lines. She has guided more than eighteen B. Tech and M.Tech students for their research achievements in Biotech and Food tech.

Mr. Nihal

Food-Tech Specialist and Trading Professional

Mr. Nihal is a promising entrepreneur with an advanced diploma in Food Science and Technology from Centennial College, Toronto, Canada. He has done numerous projects in food tech which include qualitative, quantitative, and microbial analysis of various foodstuffs. He has rich experience in food product development. He also has rigorous know-how in handling the machinery of meat processing. He also has scrupulous know-how of fruits and vegetable packaging in a sustainable approach.

Mr. Shailender

Operations Manager
Hotel Industry and Food expert

Mr. Kumar Shailender is a hotel industry and food & beverage expert with 11+ years of experience in restaurant operations| staff management | Client Engagement and Servicing | Restaurant Management | Finance Management | Staff Trainings | Developing restaurant marketing strategies and operations | Social Media Coordinator, etc.

He is a graduate in Hotel Management and has vast experience of working in renowned brands of the chain of industrial hotels including Four Points by Sheraton, POP TATE’S, Holiday Inn, Marine Plaza, Payyade International, Sahil International to name a few.

Ms. Neelima

Admin Co-ordinator and HR

Ms. Neelima is a Human Resource postgraduate, having worked with numerous renowned organizations such as Think People Solutions, Advanta Group, Shree Sai Ganesh Lifters, etc., providing a high level of coordination in cross-departmental activities. She carries a virtuoso in business development and coherently implements business strategies. Furthermore, she is an expert in digital marketing and handling social media profiles for companies to promote their business.  Being creative by nature, she can ingeniously explain scientific concepts in an easy to comprehend manner for a common man.  She has also served as Lecturer in various private classes teaching Junior college students.

Mr. Satish

Agronomy and Organic Farming expert

Mr. Satish is an extremely skilled agriculturist with 20+ years of experience in conventional farming as well as modern agriculture practices. Apart from this he is also industriously involved in practicing allied agronomy projects. Mr. Satish renders complete technical knowledge and assistance to the farmers in modern dairy farming and organic agriculture techniques.

Knowing the inevitable role of water in agriculture and allied sectors, he has been vigorously working as a consultant for numerous rainwater conservation and soil conservation projects. He and his team continue to visit villages and work conscientiously to bring awareness to farmers about rainwater conservation. He has successfully assisted several farmer to procure lakhs of rupees in CSR funds for water conservation projects from several organizations and companies in a short span of time.

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