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Regulus Research and Development


Regulus Agro-Organic Pvt. Ltd. Is announcing 6 monthly research projects for the year 2022-2023 in Food Science and Technology for final year students. Students will get good experience to explore industrial opportunities further based on this. One student per project would be accommodated. Details of the project are as follows

At Regulus, we are always trying to push the boundaries through our research and development to provide you with the best!

Food RnD

Regulus Research and Development Efforts

We would like to share our below research and development efforts with you:

Organic Range

Organic Agro Products- Direct from Farm- dry items

Protein Boosters

Oyster Mushroom Products-processed
Colostrum products
Protein Powders for Soups and Drinks


Wellness products
Cordycep mushroom products- Cordycep Tea

Immune boosters

Neem Products
Tulsi Products
Amla Products
Moringa leaves products

Dehydrated Vegetables and Powders

Sliced/Powdered Onion
Sliced/Powdered Tomato
Sliced/Powdered Fruits Flakes

Canned Products

Regulus Canned Products